Alley Cat Research is a nationwide background due diligence and investigations company.

    Our access to proprietary and regulated databases allows us to provide the most extensive research and analyses for our clients to assist in their decision-making processes.

    Our investigations focus on the character and general reputation of people and companies.

    Our research is performed by information science professionals and licensed investigators with extensive experience in business and law.

    Our clients include lawyers, financial professionals, corporations, real estate developers, associations, boards of directors, small business owners, and individuals with specific concerns.

    Alley Cat Research provides:

    • Access to proprietary databases
    • Access to regulated data
    • Experienced, degreed, and credentialed investigators
    • Unbiased, neutral service
    • Flat fee arrangements. 

    Please contact us for more information.

    All work performed by Alley Cat Research is private and confidential.